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Projects include paid client work, industry thought leadership, conference presentations,

authoring articles, and just about anything else that moves Medicaid and HHS forward.

Client profiles include startups with emerging technology, vendors exploring vertical crossover into HHS, and global firms revamping their solutions to align with modularity.

Client profile:  Mid-size startup with technology and services


Why they contracted:  Assess entry points and viability of ROI for moving into the Medicaid market.

What we do:  A four hour session providing a comprehensive overview of Medicaid, modularity, MITA, and more.  Brainstorming for Medicaid entry point representing current solution offering stretch and reasonable risk profiles.

Industry:  Medicaid Technology Alliance member and Co-Chair of the Enterprise Adoption Workgroup

What we do:  Partnership of federal CMS, state staff, and vendors working together to define a governance toolkit for use by states in the migration to modularization of the MES.

View a presentation on MTA

Client profile:  Provider of specialized services with 2300+ employees

Why they contracted:  Provide ongoing MES training and instruction to 40+ member client engagement and business development executives as they redefine solutions in a modular environment.

What we do:  Ongoing training, onsite and remote.  Direct opportunity cultivation, data collection.  Ongoing business development and product strategy support.

Topic:  The Inaguration's Impact on HHS

What it covers:  This article shares some  personal reasons for working diligently in Medicaid and HHS.  It is honest and real, and hopefully gives you insight into our "Why".

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Client profile:  Global organization with multiple lines of business

Why they contracted:  Provide industry expertise and assess viability of migration into Medicaid in a specific modular role.

What we do:  Ongoing white paper review, solution design input and review, industry participation advisement, and MES and industry training and education.

Industry:  Moderator, Meet the Innovators Keynote:  Blockchain as the Foundation for Transformation of Health Information

What we did:  Presented with IBM Watson Health, State of Illinois, and Hashed Health representatives for candid discussion of how blockchain will affect healthcare in the future.

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